It has been more than 25 years since the CEO, Mr. Albert Dun, started using his many years of experience and his passion as an agricultural entrepreneur for people and nature for the ancient, beautiful crop: industrial hemp.

On our websiteyou can read how a globally active, professional company grew from the first hemp seed that went into the ground more than 25 years ago.

Ten years ago we started specializing in the making and marketing of CBD products. Not as a trader, broker or as a brand, but as part of the above: making CBD from our own industrial hemp plants! Working 365 days a year on and in a dynamic market, the CBD market. As with everything, we are not alone, even in industrial hemp. Not in the world, not in Europe, not even in the Netherlands.

But there are differences from other players in this beautiful market:

• We work from “the whole plant approach”. Extracting CBD from our hemp plants, where we process the rest of the hemp plant for various other purposes. This way we get the most out of the plant and we can actually say that we work with a sustainable crop. Growing fiber hemp for CBD alone, destroying the rest of the plant, is not corporate social responsibility!

• What is important to us, what flows through our green veins, is passion, dedication, attention to the people, our crop, our products and procedures.

• From the hemp seed that goes into the ground to the CBD end product that leaves the door, is fully taken care of by our own skilled people.

• We also share our knowledge with our relations and customers. Sharing knowledge about hemp, its capabilities and limitations is key to achieving joint success in the segments in which we operate globally, both B2B and B2C.

The difference with being successful in hemp is in what we and our relations know, what we want, what the possibilities are and how we use that knowledge together.

We are always looking for possible solutions to dilemmas facing our customers. This results in knowledge: about hemp, production, legislation, transport, market, consumer, use and experiences.

• Our vision on fiber hemp and CBD products, from production to consumer, has resulted in a professional CBD company.

• High-quality production procedures.

• Production and product control in our own laboratory.

• Product development in collaboration with brand owners and PL developers.

• We manufacture, develop and sell CBD products for our customers in the Benelux, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, South Africa and the United States. (Ahold, AS Watson, H&B Benelux)