Work and training company Afeer in Winschoten is going to make timber frame frames for the sustainable hemp houses of the firm Dun Agro in Oude Pekela.

Afeer has started a new production line in the carpentry factory at the Hoogebrug in Winschoten. Initially, ten people will be working, but Afeer director Johan van Dam expects to be able to scale up to 20 to 25 people within a few months.

Two-year agreement concluded

In the first weeks, about fifty wood skeleton frames, 6 by 3 meters, go out every week to Dun’s company in Oude Pekela. There they are “filled up” with fiber hemp, after which they are transported to the construction site.

Afeer and Dun Agro have signed a two-year deal. “A nice regional cooperation and focused on sustainability. That theme will become increasingly important in the coming years, ”says Van Dam.

Dun Agro launched the idea of ​​building fiber homes in 2012. The first homes were actually built in 2015 and 2016. Meanwhile, the orders are pouring in. 36 houses are being built in Boekelo, Dun Agro is also going to work in Rotterdam, Hoogezand, Finsterwolde, Delfzijl and Emmen. The company is currently active in Zaandam where a sustainability center is being built.

Afeer has the knowledge and space to assemble the frames

Director Albert Dun says that things are going well and is happy with the cooperation with Afeer. “They have the space and the knowledge to assemble our frames. After they have produced those frames, they go to our company in Oude Pekela to dry for two months. Then we take care of the insulation material and move it to the construction site. ”

Where Dun is active throughout the Netherlands, according to the Pekelder director, the Northern housing corporations are lagging behind in building sustainable hemp houses. “Why is that so? I don’t know, but find that it is so. Unfortunately.”

Afeer takes advantage of the collaboration to start training carpenters. According to Van Dam, there is enormous demand for this. “With us, the carpenters receive a six-month training in which, in addition to theory, especially practice is central. Potential carpenters get paid during their training. “