Sustainable homes are better for the environment than traditional construction. Sustainable construction saves raw materials. Sustainable buildings are more energy efficient to use. And they are often healthier for residents and users.

Sustainable construction is more than energy savings

Respect for people and the environment is paramount in the development of buildings. Sustainable construction is not just about low energy consumption. But also about:

  • Use of sustainable materials that take into account the environment and the health of residents and users;
  • A healthy indoor environment, for example through good ventilation. This prevents moisture, mold and the accumulation of harmful substances;
  • Pleasant and livable houses, buildings, neighborhoods and cities;
  • Sustainable demolition, in order to reuse materials released during demolition (reuse);
  • Responsible water use;
  • Prevent raw materials for building materials from running out.

Transport of the first prefab parts of lime hemp house Rotterdam.


HEALTHY BUILDINGS of Dun Agro Hemp Group

Dun Agro Hemp Group prefab lime hemp construction is a relatively new ecological construction method. Building with lime hemp construction is not new, but producing large-scale prefab lime hemp panels from the Dun Agro Hemp Group makes it possible that everyone can now live in a lime hemp house.

Lovers of healthy and environmentally conscious construction can come to Dun Agro Hemp Group for lime hemp homes.

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Foundation semi-detached house in Rotterdam.


Placement of prefabricated walls in Rotterdam.