Rotterdam, 2 December – On Monday 2 December the first tubular pile was driven for a hemp home in Rotterdam. This will be the 6th hemp home that Dun Agro realizes in a year.

The property will be located in the Charlois district. All walls and the roof are made of the so-called ‘HempCal’: a mixture of ‘hemp wood’ with lime and water.

Hemp grower, processor and construction company Dun Agro set up a factory in 2015 in which he makes customized HempCal panels. After three months of natural drying, these very light panels can be assembled directly at the construction site, thus ensuring a faster, easier and cleaner building process than with concrete.

The client and prospective occupant of the Chris de Jong home, opted for hemp construction mainly because of its environmental friendliness. “Unlike other building materials, hemp absorbs more CO2 than it emits. Moreover, the material is recyclable. That is where we have to go.” De Jong, who is a board member of Theaterstad Amsterdam, also has a theater room made in the home. Then it comes in handy that the open pore structure of the hemp wood ensures good acoustics.

He has the interior walls finished with clay plaster. In this way the vapor openness of the hemp is preserved, which ensures good insulating properties. “Of course we strive for zero-on-the-meter”, says De Jong. The property is not connected to the gas; a heat pump and solar panels must meet the energy requirement.

Dun Agro already realized last year hemp homes in Oude Pekela, Hoogezand and Ommen and Australia. For 2020, the company anticipates an exponential growth in hemp building: “40 homes are already planned and there is a good chance that another 50 will be added. We receive daily demand from both municipalities and private individuals,” said Albert Dun, Director. We have optimized our process in the past year and considerably increased capacity. We are ready!”

For more information, contact Dun Agro:
Albert Dun
0597 675 592
Raadhuisweg 11, 9665 JE Oude Pekela