For the construction we use the inner part of the hemp stem. Before we can use this, we must first separate the inner part (hemp wood) and the outer part (hemp fiber). This is done in our own specially developed factory.

The two main products that are produced / separated from the stem of the hemp plant are:

Hemp wood: This is packed in 3 kg or 15 kg packaging for animal litter or loose for our construction department. “Hempbed” is our own bedding brand, but we also do private label production.

We sift the hemp wood for construction, so that only the coarse wood parts remain. This gives the best quality result, because ultimately less lime is needed to make the hemp lime mixture.

Hemp fiber: The hemp fiber is packed in bales of ± 220 kg and is sold to the textile, automotive, insulation and paper industries.

Examples of products in which our hemp fiber is processed are:

  • car interior parts, such as dashboard and door panels,
  • insulation mats as an alternative to glass and rock wool,
  • clothes
  • banknotes.