The time has come in April, the agreements with the growers have been made, the agricultural land has been prepared for sowing, the sowing plan has been drawn up, it is time to sow!

Every spring, hemp seed is ordered from a number of different industrial fiber hemp varieties approved by the EU. Subsequently, a sowing plan is drawn up, describing which variety and batch will be placed on which plot. Our end products are therefore traceable to the seed!

In the second half of April the first hemp seed goes into the ground, the chance of night frost is then small and the soil is no longer too wet to sow due to the warmer weather.

This year, a new combination will be sown. A sowing combination with a 6 meter spader from Imants and a 6 meter seeder from Horsch! Tillage and seeding are done in one pass, naturally pulled and powered by 1 of our Claas Xerion’s 4000. Truly a picture!