Every hemp house starts with the assignment we receive from the end customer, which can be a consumer, an architect, a municipality or other company or agency. We sit down with this end customer to discuss all requirements. To get the best possible picture of the wishes and possibilities, we have a number of sample designs ready, sometimes the customer comes up with a design. During this meeting it is determined what the construction will look like, so that the Dun Agro building system fits within the desired design. Dun Agro can completely unburden the customer from permit application to construction.

As soon as there is an agreement with the customer, we get to work in the drawing office. If applicable, the environmental permit will be issued by Dun Agro and a specification drawing with the accompanying files will first be prepared. The specification drawing is made in the drawing program “Autocad”.

After this, the final design is established and the dimensions of the panels are determined and drawn. Dun Agro uses the drawing program “tekwoods”, which has been specially developed for timber frame construction. However, adjustments still need to be made for the hemp lime and our production process. The panels can be directly supplied with electricity, drainage pipes, water pipes, etc.

When all drawings are finished, they are gone through one more time internally, before final approval is finally given and the panels go into production.