Based on the construction drawings, each wooden panel frame is made to measure, by ourselves or by our cooperation partner Afeer.

The woody parts of the hemp (hemp wood) are mixed with natural hydraulic lime and water into a natural building material called hemp lime (or HempCal).

In our self-designed production line, the panels, with a maximum size of 6 by 3 meters, are filled with the lime hemp and then pressed. This ensures a consistent quality and detailed finish, for each specific panel.

The panels then go outside under the roof to dry there, under natural conditions. The drying process takes approximately 2 to 3 months.

After the panels have dried, they are finished as much as possible in the factory. This means that they can be mounted directly on location and the house is wind and watertight within 1 week.

Sustainable construction starts at DunAgroHempGroup! More information? Please contact us.