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Industrial hemp is a very diverse plant. It can meet all basic human needs: clothing, housing, food and medicine. The amazing thing about hemp is that it is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Hemp supplies products that are perfect for human use. Due to the history and stigma of cannabis as a whole, industrial hemp has missed the modern industrial revolution and has only recently made a comeback as a solution for localized, eco-friendly and sustainable production.

The Dun Agro Hemp Group has been active in the hemp industry for over 25 years. The result of the different directions of the plant has encouraged us to go down this path. After we started growing, harvesting and processing primary fibres, we quickly realized that we needed to keep expanding the value to make products for the end market. This was the only way to show everyone the real potential of the plant. In addition, we have set up several companies in order to be able to focus on specific directions that we find interesting.

After building several more production facilities and successfully launching our various products, we thought it was time to start the Dun Agro Hemp Group to show the world what we have achieved in one place. Welcome!

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The Dun Agro Hemp Group (DHG) is a collaboration of professional companies in the hemp industry that combine their expertise. With over 25 years of experience in the hemp industry, Dun Agro Hemp Group covers all aspects. From agriculture to primary processing to the production of end products in both the food and fiber sectors. We have developed our own technologies for most purposes and are proud to be at the forefront of innovation and the hemp industry value chain.



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