hemp fiber

Our hemp fibre is mostly used in “non-woven” applications for automotive interior parts, building insulation, horticulture or textiles. We produce up to 99% pure hemp fibre, catering to any industry that uses natural fibres.



  • Hemp fibre is very strong – making it suitable for paper, textiles and bioplastic applications
  • Hemp fibre is breathable and 100% natural – making it suitable as a healthy insulation material and for clothing
  • Hemp fibre can replace non-biobased fibres such as fibreglass or nylons – for example in the automotive industry or in bioplastics.
  • Hemp fibre is 100% natural, which means the products can be easily reused.


A hemp fiber insulation mat is a 100% natural, CO2 negative, fully recyclable insulation material that fits perfectly into the concept of sustainable, biobased construction. It is therefore an excellent replacement for glass and rock wool!

Other benefits include:

  • Hemp fiber insulation mats are not irritating to the lungs and skin when processed.
  • A healthy indoor climate, through natural regulation of humidity and defense system against bacteria and mold.
  • Hemp fiber insulation mats have excellent thermal properties, so your home will retain heat in winter and stay cool in summer.
  • Clean, low dust, easy assembly, no special equipment or protection required.
  • Hemp fiber insulation mats adapt to the shape of the construction, so that no thermal bridges are created.

See our brochure for more information.


Our hemp bedding material is very pure and free of dust and short fibres. This makes it ideal for construction and animal bedding applications.

Hemp bedding material

Hempbed animal bedding is mainly used in the horse industry. But now other animal keepers are also discovering the advantages: from the small animal world to zoos. Our ‘Hempbed’ is sold all over the world: from Europe to the United States, Australia and Japan.


  • Hempbed is very absorbent when compared to conventional bedding material such as wood shavings and straw.
  • Because Hempbed absorbs and binds ammonia, unpleasant odours are largely prevented.
  • We also supply our Hempbed bedding material in a eucalyptus variant. Not only does this smell nice, it also works as a bronchodilator and antiseptic.
  • Hempbed bedding material is virtually dust-free.
  • Due to the above-mentioned properties, Hempbed is ideally suited for animals with respiratory problems.
  • No pesticides are used in the cultivation of hemp… so it is 100% organic. Your animal therefore will not inhale any toxic substances.
  • Hempbed forms a stable bed for your animal and is economical in use.

Construction hemp

We also use the hemp wood to produce lime hemp. Lime hemp is a sustainable building material with a very high insulation value in terms of both temperature and sound. In addition, the vapour-open structure ensures good breathability and moisture regulation in your home.

We make custom hemp lime walls ourselves, but we also sell the hemp wood in bulk to contractors or self-builders as a raw material.

See here more information about construction hemp.

Hemp wood in noise barriers

Due to the excellent sound-insulating properties of hemp wood, it is well suited for noise barriers. In collaboration with Greenwall, we have developed a noise barrier which has been located along many highways: from Ridderkerk (NL) to France and Ibiza.


We also collect the fine fabric fibres released during our production process; which contain high-quality organic matter. We then press these into granules for use as:

  • Hemp fertiliser
  • Hemp stable pellets


The hemp we grow contains the healthy substances CBD and CBDA. We harvest our leaves at the time of its peak CBD content using our unique purpose-built harvesting equipment. We use the leaves directly to produce hemp juice (www.sanahempjuice.com), or we dry the leaves and flowers to further process them into CBD(A) products.
Since CBD is a consumer good, it is strictly regulated by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). In order to meet the high standards and guarantee our customers the best quality material, we have our own laboratory where we test all raw materials and finished products for CBD content and purity.


Hemp seed oil, pressed from the hemp seeds, is very nutritious. It is increasingly being discovered as a source of healthy vegetable proteins and omegas. Unfortunately, the Dutch climate is not optimal for the cultivation of hemp seeds. This is why we work with hemp companies in warmer countries through which we can provide you with hemp seed oil. Please contact us if you are looking for hemp seed oil.

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