Hemp Fibre

Our hemp fibre is mostly used in non woven applications for interior car parts, building insulation, horticulture or textile. We produce up to 99% pure hemp fibres, so that any industry using natural fibres can be catered to.

Hemp Hurd

Our hemp hurd is very pure and free from dust and short fibres. This makes it ideal for applications such as animal bedding, particularly in the horse industry, but recently also increasingly in the small animal world. Our ‘hempbed’ is sold all over Europe and we have delivered hemp hurd to all ends of the world such as the United States and Australia.

We also use the hurd to manufacture hempcrete, a green building material that has a very high insulation value for both temperature and sound, while also allowing your house to breathe and regulate the moisture.

Hempbed points of sale


We collect the dust from our manufacturing process and make pellets out of it. These can either be used as fertilizer, additive or burned for energy.


We harvest our leaves at the time of its peak CBD content using our unique purpose built harvesting equipment. We either directly use the leaves to produce hemp juice (www.sanahempjuice.com), or make pellets which are further processed for CBD products. For more information, please see here

As CBD is a consumer good it is strictly regulated by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). In order to meet such high standards and to guarantee our clients the best quality material, we have our own lab where we test all raw material and end product for CBD content and purity.


Due to our region we do not directly do anything with hemp seeds. However, through our connections in the industry, we can assist you with your inquiries. Our partner holding company – Konoplex (www.konoplex.ru) – is specialised in hemp seed products and can deliver hemp seeds and hemp oil etc.