The hemp we grow contains the healthy substances, CBD and CBDA. It has been discovered in recent years that these substances are very valuable for various health applications. The popularity of CBD(A) products is therefore experiencing unprecedented growth.

We were aware of this early on and in 2011 we already developed the harvesting and processing for the leaves and flowers that contain this CBD and CBDA. We now have an extensive professional production facility in which we manufacture high quality CBD products that are used by leading brands worldwide.


You can see a selection of our CBD products below. We can supply all the products in bulk, but also as an end product with your own label:

– Hemp CBD/CBDA oil
– Hemp CBD/CBDA soft gel capsules
– Hemp CBD/CBDA balm
– Hemp extracts – raw, refined, distilled or “gold” extract, in various concentrations.
– Pelletized hemp leaf and flower – a semi-product that can be further processed into CBD product or as animal feed.
– Organically certified dried hemp leaf and flower. Widely used as a tea.

For the complete overview, see our brochure. In collaboration with you, we can develop your custom CBD/CBDA products.


In addition to CBD, the hemp plant contains more than five hundred different components. “Full Spectrum” is about making use of the full range of components. In addition to cannabinoids, the hemp plant can contain terpenes, chlorophyll and flavonoids, to name just a few.
We make the full spectrum oils of Dun Agro Plant Products with hemp extracts that are made with supercritical CO2 extraction.
CO2 extraction is a method of deriving specific substances from organic components without the need for harmful substances or heating.


We have our own laboratory to ensure high reliability and quality.
– Our CBD products are rigorously tested by our own lab technicians to determine the exact content of CBD and other cannabinoids before they are shipped.
– The cannabinoids in our extracts and oils are tested using HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography). The HPLC method does not require heating the product and therefore gives a good representation of all cannabinoids present. These values are recorded in a COA (Certificate of Analysis) and supplied with the product.


We research, develop and produce CBD products in our own laboratory.
Our team combines years of R&D experience with extensive know-how and expertise in the consumer cannabis industry.


We have also developed two CBD brands ourselves:
– Sanahempjuice: The only freeze-dried hemp juice powder commercially available on the European & American markets. Our green juice powder contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids with the added benefit of high amounts of CBDA. We sell this powder separately, but we also use it in capsules and other products. See the Sanahempjuice website for more information.

– Natural People: various full spectrum CBD/CBDA products ranging, like CBD oil and CBD softgel capsules. For more information, see the Natural People website.


We supply our CBD products to retailers, online stores, brands and trademarks, according to your desired specifications. Our national and international customers have appreciated the consistent quality of our products and services for years, and they have successfully launched their end products and brands using our knowledge and raw materials.

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