DunAgroHempGroup is helping to build the future!

Ecovillage Boekel

A complete project is being built in the SDG district of Ecodorp Boekel, including the prefab hemp panels from DunAgroHempGroup.

What is being built in Boekel is a neighborhood of 30 climate-adaptive and climate-positive rental homes, 6 informal care homes, community center, knowledge and education center, workshop and offices, with options for own food supply, own energy supply, ecological water purification and sustainable businesses.

The ecovillage was designed by architect Huub van Laarhoven and is being built by ecological contractor Eco+Bouw. DunAgroHempGroup was able to produce and supply the outer walls.

Walk through the village: https://www.ecodorpboekel.nl/rondleiding-door-ecodorp-boekel/

Contributing to sustainable, ecological, biobased construction is a matter of course for DunAgroHempGroup, because that is the future. It is healthier, better, offers more comfort and saves.

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