Ecological design with DunAgroHempGroup for Kuipers and Koers Bouw

Initiator Kuipers & Koers Bouw (view their sustainable building materials) has asked Drenthe College Emmen, Department of Architecture level 4 and the Hondsrug College, Department of Technasium to make a design for a new showroom for the location in Emmen. The current showroom no longer meets today’s requirements and they want to work with DunAgroHempGroup’s ecological construction system. DunAgroHempGroup is a producer of environmentally friendly building materials and uses the fiber of the hemp plant for this.

Lime hemp is an environmentally friendly building material that uses only a fraction of the energy required by traditional building materials. Lime hemp also absorbs CO2 during the curing process.

With the construction of the new showroom, Kuipers & Koers Bouw wants to give their customer(s) a feeling of what it is like to stay in a hemp-lime environment during a consultation meeting. They naturally hope to enthuse the customer for this.

In the showroom to be replaced at Kuipers & Koers Bouw, the students were commissioned on February 12, 2020 by director Loves to make a preliminary design with the PVE (plan of requirements) they had set. After the excursion visit on March 6, 2020 at DunAgroHempGroup in Oude Pekela, preliminary designs were made by all students and the best final designs were then presented to Mr. Loves per group.

Kuipers and Koers and Mr. Loves were very impressed by the submitted designs. The designs were discussed internally and 1 winning design was selected. The winning design comes from Rob Manning and Bert-Jan Oldenburger of Drenthe College Emmen.

Due to the arrival of corona, the project was delayed, but fortunately the winning design is currently being worked out to arrive at the environmental permit (construction) application. As soon as the building permit has been granted, the students of Drenthe College, Department of Architecture and the Hondsrug College, Department of Technasium will be further involved in the construction and implementation of this special project.

View the full story on theDrenthe college website here.

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