Harvest of the hemp stalk

For the construction we use the wood core of the stems (hemp straw). Hemp straw remains on the land for a few weeks after mowing to rot (exposing hemp to water and sun). In between, the stems are turned to allow everything to rot as well as possible.
When the stems are rooted and dry enough, they are removed from the land by means of a tiller. shredders that cut the stems at 8 to 10 cm. 7 “so-called” chopping plows are used for this. 1 forage plow consists of 1 chopper, 2 tippers and 1 shovel. The tippers are responsible for collecting and transporting the hemp straw to the storage areas.
The shovel ensures the silage of the hemp straw. In 1 day we can harvest up to 150 hectares of hemp straw, depending on the weather and the length of the day. Harvesting hemp straw is highly dependent on the humidity, making it very critical when it is possible to harvest exactly on a day. The hemp straw is then supplied to the factory throughout the year.

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