Supply of hemp straw

The supply of hemp straw.

After the harvest, the hemp straw remains on the land for several weeks to rot (expose it to water and sun). When the hemp straw has been rooted and dried enough, it is chopped and ensiled, so that the straw remains dry until it is processed in the factory.

Our “hemp supply team” supplies the factory with hemp straw all year round. The ensiled hemp straw is loaded with a crane into waiting trucks and driven to our factory on the Raadhuisweg. There the trucks are weighed and the hemp straw is unloaded under the roof. The hemp straw is then processed in the factory.

About 1200 ha of hemp straw has to be supplied every year. Which ensiled lumps are supplied depends on quality, distance, planning and accessibility. Our “hemp supply team” is therefore ready day and night to ensure that this runs smoothly.

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