The growers

Dun Agro Hemp Group has over 25 years of experience in the hemp industry. We use EU-approved and registered varieties for the cultivation of industrial fiber hemp. The whole process from seed to harvest is managed and controlled by our professional and experienced team, including the production and maintenance of special machines.

Preparations for the new harvest start in January, when contact is made with growers from the region. Over the years, a permanent, loyal group of growers has developed with which Dun Agro does business. Cultivation contacts are concluded with these growers. Without these growers, Dun Agro would not be able to grow hemp on such a large scale.

The grower is responsible for fertilizing and preparing the agricultural land for sowing. The soil is then sown by Dun Agro employees and the entire growing process of the hemp plant is managed and controlled by Dun Agro, up to and including harvest.

Because Dun Agro sows, harvests and chops itself, with self-developed machines, mainly growers in the northeast of the Netherlands and just across the border in Germany are contracted. In addition, Dun Agro works closely with growers in Denmark.

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