The process of sustainable prefab hemp panels

Based on the construction drawings, each wooden panel frame is custom-made, by ourselves or by our cooperation partner Afeer.

The woody parts of the hemp (hemp wood) are mixed with natural hydraulic lime and water to form a natural building material called hemp lime (or HempCal).

In our self-designed production line, the panels, with a maximum size of 6 by 3 meters, are filled with hemp of lime and then pressed. This ensures a consistent quality and detailed finish, for each specific panel.

The panels are then taken outside under the roof to dry under natural conditions. The drying process takes about 2 to 3 months.

After the panels have dried, they are finished as much as possible in the factory. As a result, they can be mounted directly on location and the house is wind and watertight within 1 week.

Sustainable building starts at DunAgroHempGroup! More information? Contact us.

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