How are our sustainable homes and buildings made of hemp lime prefab panels created?

How it starts:

How are our sustainable homes and buildings made of hemp lime prefab panels created? It starts with the order we receive from the end customer, which can be a consumer, an architect, a municipality or other company or institution. We sit down with this end customer to discuss all requirements, or we receive a drawing that we then adapt to our prefab panels. The design is created in the drawing room and the dimensions of the panels are determined. It is determined what the construction will look like so that the Dun Agro building system fits within the desired design. The panels can be fitted directly with electricity, drainage pipes, water pipes, etc. Then the manufacturing of our hemp lime panels starts. The prefab panels ensure that we can build quickly and therefore sustainably.

We start by telling you what exactly is hemp of lime:

Lime hemp is an environmentally friendly building material that uses only a fraction of the energy required by traditional building materials. Lime hemp also absorbs CO2 during the curing process. It has excellent insulation properties and meets the modern consumer’s demand for healthy and energy-efficient living.

Traditionally, hemp of lime is produced using manual construction methods, by mixing the material on site and pouring it into a frame. This process is quite time consuming and has the added disadvantage of being weather dependent as the raw material reacts to environmental conditions such as moisture and temperature and takes months to dry before it can be finished. When we considered producing hemp lime ourselves, we knew that a new approach was needed that would eliminate the problems of lengthy manual work on site and reliance on the weather for quality and efficiency.

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