The harvesting process begins

We start with sowing the industrial hemp seeds, this goes as follows:

Sowing takes place in April and May. Then the growing process begins, The hemp needs about 3.5 months to mature before harvest

The whole process from seed to harvest is managed and controlled by our professional and experienced team, including production construction and special machine maintenance. We are proud of the improvements we have made over the years in sowing and harvesting capacity and efficiency, with yields of up to 14 t/ha of dry material.

When the plants are fully grown and ready for harvest, they are harvested in a special way with our own designed harvesting machine, the “Hemp Bull”. This machine can serve two purposes: it can harvest leaves and cut the straw at the same time. Through innovations in primary on-site processing and efficient processing by purpose-built agricultural machinery, we have significantly reduced crop costs and significantly improved raw material quality.

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