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June 30, 2021 meeting work field conference at Dun Agro Hemp Group

Under the leadership of alderman Elly Pastoor, a technical field conference has been organized, Meaningful building in collaboration with. HanzeHogeschool took place at Dun Agro Hemp Group.

Participating parties:

  • Dick Pouwels, President of the Executive Board of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • Wietse De Vries, product developer Dijkstra-Draisma
  • Renate Groenewold, CEO and co-shareholder Groenewold Bouw en Droomtrappen
  • Sander De Haan, CEO. Oosterhof-Holman
  • Sander Wubbolts, regional manager North. Building Netherlands
  • Albert Dun, CEO-owner Dun Agro Hemp Group

The aim of the professional field conference: cross-sectoral cooperation to strengthen the region. A constructive collaboration that was about working together on issues for which companies and organizations need solutions and answers. A professional field conference technique that once again emphasized the social urgency of working together to join forces in order to successfully tackle complex issues in the contemporary and future construction world.

Several speakers took part during the conference, in which the topic of sustainable construction was central. Building with HempCal fits completely within the building code. Dun Agro Hemp Group has now built 48 hemp homes and is currently planning orders for another 57 homes. Dun Agro Hemp Group works closely with contractors and architects.

Motivation for participation in technical field conference

There are various collaboration options to accelerate and professionalize sustainable hemp construction:

  • Supplement regular curriculum with applications of sustainable materials.
  • Practice-oriented research into the placement of (energy) installations in hemp houses. Installations are now dimensioned as standard on vapour-tight systems in which a lot of ventilation is subsequently required. Because hemp construction is vapour-permeable, this requires less energy consumption.
  • Contractors are often unfamiliar with working with new materials, which sometimes require a slightly different approach.
  • Practice-oriented research into sustainable building materials for the interior and exterior finishing of hemp walls.
  • Co-developing construction drawing programs aimed at designing with hemp.

The collaboration can take various forms. Dun Agro Hemp Group is willing to periodically welcome student groups to our hemp building factory. We already offer internship and graduation positions to mutual satisfaction. An exciting and progressive field conference that aims to promote building with HempCal.

Interested or inspired?

The full recording can be found here.

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