Noise barrier A28 near Spier

Noise barrier A28 near Spier

Sustainable noise barriers from Greenwall have been installed on the A28 near Spier. When the sound barrier, which was filled with stones, collapsed in 2018, the municipality concluded that a stronger foundation was needed along the A28. Village interests Spier was closely involved in this project and came up with the explicit wish to place walls with a natural appearance. The new noise barriers would therefore form a “Green Wall” with plants on both sides.

The noise barriers that are currently being used for this project are filled with hemp lime from Dun Agro Hemp Group. These screens not only ensure optimal plant growth, but are especially known for their excellent sound insulation. Greenwall’s hemp-lime screens therefore have sound-insulating properties and a natural appearance. The walls are also sustainable, because they consist entirely of organic, biodegradable and recyclable materials.

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