Sustainable prefab panels of hemp lime

Sustainable prefab panels of hemp lime

Lime hemp is an environmentally friendly building material that uses only a fraction of the energy required by traditional building materials. Lime hemp also absorbs CO2 during the curing process. It has excellent insulation properties and meets the modern consumer’s demand for healthy and energy-efficient living.


Each wooden panel frame is made to measure on the basis of a construction drawing. The woody parts of the hemp (hemp wood) are mixed with natural hydraulic lime and water to form a natural building material called hemp lime (or HempCal).

The panels are all pressed in the factory, which guarantees consistent quality and detailed production for the different specifications of each part of a house. Once this is ready, the panels will be delivered and the house assembled. Installation for an average home can be as quick as one week. We have already been able to build several construction projects with our panels, which you can view here!


Sustainable building starts at DunAgroHempGroup! More information? Contact us.

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