Investor Relations

The Dun Agro Hemp Group is always interested in speaking with recognized investors who are interested in investing, in our activities and/or have plans to set up similar production lines as we do in the Netherlands.

We provide solutions in every aspect. We can provide advice and expertise at every step of the process and provide the right technologies for specific needs and product specifications. Together with our partners around the world, we are sure to cater to every need and in every aspect of industrial hemp.

We are very excited about the recent hype around industrial hemp. Because we have been in this industry for so long, we believe that now is the time to spread our technologies around the world so that industrial hemp can become a common crop and raw material for every human need. We know it is possible, but we also understand that we cannot do it alone. That is why we are looking for serious partners who understand the vision and have both the financial capacity and the will to develop this industry with us.

If you are interested in establishing operations along any or all parts of the hemp value chain, from agriculture to the finished product, please do not hesitate to contact us

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